Vitamin Supplements to Help Grow Your Hair

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Hair growth is a considered to be a natural process. This process takes patience and time making others feel a bit more impatient especially if they are suffering from hair loss. The rate in which your hair grows however can be sped up with the help of a number of vitamin supplements. Let us look at the role vitamins play with regard to your hair growth.

Vitamins and Hair Growth

There are a number of vitamins for hair growth that work hand in hand together in helping people achieve natural hair growth. This in turn gives people plenty of options to choose from to help them grow their hair. These vitamins include the following:

  • Vitamin A – This vitamin is considered to be essential for growth not only for your hair but with all cells of the body. Vitamin A also has a role in the production of Sebum glands that moisturize the scalp while at the same time help keep your hair healthy.


  • B-Vitamins – Vitamin B particularly the nutrient called Biotin is known to help stimulate hair growth. It also functions by rebuilding hair shingles that have been damaged due to a number of environmental factors. Furthermore, oxygen and nutrients are carried to your scalp in a timely and effective manner with the help of B-vitamins.


  • Vitamin C – The antioxidant found in vitamin C is able to help protect the hair from the oxidative stress caused by free radicals. In addition, vitamin C is able to help prevent hair from aging with its role in the creation of collagen.


  • Vitamin D – Although not often linked as one of the main vitamins for hair growth, vitamin D may contribute in creating new follicles which are tiny pores in the scalp in which new hair can grow. Low levels of this vitamin can also be linked to hair loss or alopecia.


  • Vitamin E – Another popular antioxidant, vitamin E is able to boost hair growth by preventing oxidative stress.


Why Consider Vitamins for Hair Growth

Vitamins for hair growth are considered to be a much more pleasing substitute when you compare them to major hair surgeries and other related procedures. Using supplements is also considered to be fairly inexpensive while at the same time it does wonders to the body. You will not only be promoting hair growth but you are as well boosting your body’s immune system with the vitamins that you will be taking. This is the reason why taking vitamin supplements has become quite a popular option as hair loss treatment for men.

Before you decide to take vitamin supplements, it is important that you get in touch with your doctors in advance in order to avoid cases of over dosage. You can also ask them for advice on what type of vitamin supplement is best suited for your needs and preference especially since taking any of them may result to complications and unwanted problems.

Hair loss treatment for men using vitamins is indeed effective as long as you give time for the supplements to settle in.

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